The society’s integrity is in danger. The military are already busy chasing another Crazer. These elements get recruited during the night, and they make up for the whole “Craze” movement, but no one has any kind of information about them.
For this very reason is strictly forbidden for everyone, military included, to violate the curfew. The worst thing that could happen is if a CRAZED gets in touch with the citizens. And this is happening right now….
Asking desperately for help, the person he got in touch with didn’t show any kind of interest in him, as he just kept doing his work.
The guards, having noticed him, started to run after him and he’s forced to flee.


I need your help
They are looking for me
I need your help
Can you hide me?

It's all different now
Something has changed
I see them now
Through this empty cage

Do you see them too?
I try to understand
They are talking to me

I see them
I feel them
Knocking on my head

And I don't know why
Can't you see the reflection in your mind?
Trust me
And you will see

There is something more than this
I just want to get out of here
I feel they're getting closer
I feel their breaths on my neck
Oh please, I need to rest

Now I know
What they Mean
And this is not madness
They want to hush me

Take me
Break me
To crawl themselves into my skin

And I don't know why
Can't you see the reflection in your mind?
Trust me
And you will see


from Synolon - Subconscious, released August 4, 2017
Thomas Soares - Vocals
Weronika Bielecka - Backing Vocals



all rights reserved


Tom Shepperd's Production Terni, Italy

Tom Shepperd's Production is a Prog Rock band from Terni, Italy, and is composed by Andrea Pierini (guitars), Lorenzo Francioli (Keyboards), Emanuele Viali (Bass) and Marco Aurelio Ursini (Drums).

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